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CN-200954740-Y: 多功能方形尺 patent, CN-200954762-Y: Anti-broken anti-leakage tyre patent, CN-200954840-Y: 一种农业机械橡胶履带 patent, CN-200955315-Y: Magnetic suction type door-closing device patent, CN-200955537-Y: 具有单向扣紧结构的组合连接构件 patent, CN-200955673-Y: 一种手摇发电电筒 patent, CN-200955962-Y: 一种平显互换检具 patent, CN-200956733-Y: Rotary lawn-mower with irrigation and obstacle roundabout functions patent, CN-200956748-Y: Plastic flower-pot cover with relief patent, CN-200956852-Y: Self openable umbrella patent, CN-200957111-Y: Medical electromagnetic metal collector patent, CN-200957708-Y: Multiple gap and direction pen tip patent, CN-200958606-Y: 一种密封装置 patent, CN-200958986-Y: 微库仑分析用进样仓 patent, CN-200959341-Y: 侧光式发光二极管封装结构 patent, CN-200959459-Y: Adapter for loading SIM card into SD or MMC-card slot patent, CN-200959571-Y: 微型电机车直流变换器 patent, CN-200959876-Y: 可弯曲竹木底鞋 patent, CN-200959938-Y: Office desk capable of adjusting gradient of desk top patent, CN-200960297-Y: Novel medicine suction bottle patent, CN-200960443-Y: 一种双向搅拌连续液流混合溶解装置 patent, CN-200960884-Y: Follower footplate for vehicle patent, CN-200960889-Y: Safety device for vehicles patent, CN-200961066-Y: 空盘拆分装置 patent, CN-200961616-Y: 调整螺钉的锁紧装置 patent, CN-200961757-Y: 石墨化管 patent, CN-200963142-Y: 等中心移动式c形臂x线机 patent, CN-200963254-Y: Electric first-aid medical operating vehicle patent, CN-200963642-Y: 将圆管挤压成管形部件的冷挤压装置 patent, CN-200963653-Y: 锂铜嵌带组合模 patent, CN-200963793-Y: 管用膨胀器 patent, CN-200963876-Y: Multifunctional double horizontal axis frequency conversion blender patent, CN-200963913-Y: 制袋机 patent, CN-200964002-Y: 修正带结构 patent, CN-200964520-Y: Novel heating tube fixing device patent, CN-200964791-Y: Electric driller drive patent, CN-200965037-Y: Low-noise chain patent, CN-200966506-Y: Complicated bamboo mat with edge wrapped patent, CN-200967003-Y: 设有发光体的碎纸机 patent, CN-200967104-Y: Novel disc-shape knife device patent, CN-200967563-Y: Passenger-cargo airplane movable wings patent, CN-200967636-Y: 捆绑器包装装置 patent, CN-200967639-Y: Portable electronic component list patent, CN-200967929-Y: Regulating device for steel arch truss dome patent, CN-200969575-Y: Directly digital synthesized controllable frequency synthesizer patent, CN-200970037-Y: Foldable mattress spring bed net patent, CN-200970295-Y: Multifunction physiotherapeutic plate patent, CN-200970456-Y: Baseball cap patent, CN-200970933-Y: Nano seal pen patent, CN-200971502-Y: Sealed bottom enlarging frame patent, CN-200972429-Y: Series resonance power frequency pressure test device patent, CN-200972472-Y: 提高免疫测定反应速率、灵敏度的仪器 patent, CN-200972593-Y: 一种生产流水线监测装置和系统 patent, CN-200972665-Y: Village stage information integral service system patent, CN-200972913-Y: Electronic connector patent, CN-200972959-Y: 防水型连接器续接结构 patent, CN-200974182-Y: Cutter translocating device patent, CN-200975295-Y: Steam auxiliary power unit of internal-combustion engines patent, CN-200975418-Y: Deep trench ball bearing seal assembly patent, CN-200975737-Y: High frequency heating device with air exhausting fan patent, CN-200977112-Y: 用于卷筒纸巾的新型纸巾筒 patent, CN-200977529-Y: Improved eight rolls roller patent, CN-200977910-Y: Sealing element with one-way valve function patent, CN-200978715-Y: 一种带有侧导风结构的发电机 patent, CN-200979010-Y: 双层膜充气垫片气阀 patent, CN-200979673-Y: A portable industrial data processing device with exchangeable keyboard group patent, CN-200979799-Y: 带扫描功能的刻录机 patent, CN-200980131-Y: 具有录音功能的硬盘录像机 patent, CN-200980194-Y: A fluorescent lamp ballast patent, CN-200980289-Y: Electronic luminous float for angling patent, CN-200980357-Y: Warming and luminous glove patent, CN-200980627-Y: Water-spraying cleaning brush patent, CN-200982196-Y: 矿用活动护板 patent, CN-200982682-Y: 一种四柱圆形金属骨架结构便携式燃气灶 patent, CN-200983277-Y: Radioactive source drawer of Cs-137 radiation source patent, CN-200983819-Y: 茶机炒锅位置调节控制装置 patent, CN-200984119-Y: Folding combinated type water basin patent, CN-200985364-Y: Horizontal type electroplating hanger clamping head patent, CN-200985714-Y: Sealed water proof sliding windows patent, CN-200986001-Y: 丝杠螺母浮动支撑装置 patent, CN-200986740-Y: GPS gas leakage detection night watching device patent, CN-200986754-Y: 一种利用lego组件来制作的中学摩擦与热物理实验装置 patent, CN-200986968-Y: Low outline dual-wideband omnidirectional ceiling antenna patent, CN-200987051-Y: Subway vehicle underframe wire groove predistribution installing apparatus patent, CN-200987389-Y: 一种毛线织物面棉鞋 patent, CN-200987647-Y: 新型拖把 patent, CN-200987984-Y: 具有安全入纸口装置的碎纸机 patent, CN-200988428-Y: Automobile electronic accelerator patent, CN-200988804-Y: 管式钢网膜片曝气头 patent, CN-200989042-Y: Assembly capable of self-arranging and assembling handrail or rail patent, CN-200990428-Y: 卡连接器 patent, CN-200991155-Y: 豆浆机 patent, CN-200992224-Y: 可收合式婴儿推车 patent, CN-200992769-Y: 一种轻质水泥板材 patent, CN-200993676-Y: 汽车防眩内后视镜 patent, CN-200993901-Y: 非包封干式变压器温控线引线装置 patent, CN-200994238-Y: 固定机芯板材的支架 patent, CN-200994507-Y: Transverselly-staggered straight cylindrical bag patent, CN-200994988-Y: 一种鼻饲管 patent, CN-200995210-Y: Float collector in water tank of bottle-piece production line patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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